Stamford Land Corporate Ltd

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Welcome to Stamford's Investor Centre

Stamford Land Corporation Ltd ("Stamford") is Australasia's largest independent owner-operator of luxury hotels. Stamford, which is listed on the Main-Board of the SGX-ST, also has an unrivalled reputation for developing top-quality residential and commercial properties. With its portfolio of prime hotels and investment properties in Australia's key cities, Stamford is well positioned to ride on the back of the strong growth outlook for the Australian economy.

We are committed to providing timely, high quality information to investors on the internet. Whether you are interested in key performance ratios, financial news and results, we hope that you will find what you need readily here.

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Letters from Shareholders/ Members of the Public

Press Release

Letter to The Edge

Date: 09 Jan, 2019
File size: 281 KB
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Joint Statement

Joint Statement

Joint Statement By Stamford Land And Mr Manohar Sabnani

Date: 06 Oct, 2018
File size: 29 KB
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Letter to Shareholders

Joint Statement

Letter to Shareholders on 2018 Annual General Meeting

Date: 31 August, 2018
File size: 216 KB
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Annual Report

Annual Report 2017/2018

Annual Report 2017/2018

Date: 13 Jul, 2018
File size: 5.64 MB
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