Stamford Land Corporate Ltd

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Corporate Structure

Hotel Owning And Management

• Atrington Trust
• Dickensian Holdings Ltd
• HSH (Australia) Trust
• HSH Contractors Pte Ltd
• K.R.M.F.C. Pty Ltd
• North Ryde Investments Limited
• SGA (1994) Pty Ltd (previously known as The Grand Hotel (S.A.) Pty Ltd)
• SGA (1994) Trust (previously known as Grand Hotel Unit Trust)
• Sir Stamford at Circular Quay (2000) Trust (previously known as Logan Trust)
• Sir Stamford Hotels & Resorts Pte Ltd
• SPA (1995) Pty Ltd (previously known as Terrace Hotel (Operations) Pty Ltd)
• SPAK (1996) Ltd (previously known as Stamford Hotels (NZ) Limited)
• SPB (2000) Pty Ltd (previously known as Stamford Heritage Pty Ltd)
• SPM (1994) Pty Ltd (previously known as Minteyville Lt Collins St Pty Ltd)
• SPSA (2000) Pty Ltd (previously known as Stamford Sydney Airport Pty Ltd)
• SSCQ (2000) Pty Ltd (previously known as Sir Stamford at Circular Quay Pty Ltd)
• Stamford Brisbane (2000) Trust (previously known as Stamford Gold Coast Trust)
• Stamford Cairns Trust
• Stamford Grand Adelaide (1994) Trust (previously known as RGA Trust)
• Stamford Hotels & Resorts Pte. Ltd
• Stamford Hotels and Resorts Pty Limited
• Stamford Hotels Pty Ltd
• Stamford Melbourne (1994) Trust (previously known as MLCS Trust)
• Stamford Mayfair Limited
• Stamford Plaza Adelaide (1995) Trust (previously known as TIA Trust)
• Stamford Plaza Sydney Management Pty Limited
• Stamford Raffles Pty Ltd
• Goldenlines Investments Limited
• Stamford Sydney Airport (2000) Trust (previously known as Ovenard Trust)

Property Development

• Macquarie Park Village (2018) Trust (previously known as SNR Trust)
• SLC Campsie Pty Ltd
• Stamford Property Services Pty. Limited
• Stamford Residences Sydney (2011) Trust (previously known as Stamford Raffles Trust)
• MPV Management Services Pty Ltd (previously known as Stamford F&B Pty Ltd)

Property Investment

• Dynons Perth (2010) Trust (previously known as Knoxville Trust)
• Stamford Properties (S) Pte. Ltd. (previously known as HSH Properties Pte Ltd)


• Singapore Wallcoverings Centre (Private) Limited
• Voyager Travel Pte Ltd


• HSH Tanker Inc.
• Stamford Land (International) Pte Ltd
• Stamford Land Management Pte Ltd