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Stamford Land Corporation Ltd ("Stamford") is Australasia's largest independent owner-operator of luxury hotels. Stamford, which is listed on the Main-Board of the SGX-ST, also has an unrivalled reputation for developing top-quality residential and commercial properties. With its portfolio of prime hotels and investment properties in Australia's key cities, Stamford is well positioned to ride on the back of the strong growth outlook for the Australian economy.

Stamford generates sustainable value for shareholders, through its hospitality business, and by consistently seeking out and exploiting niche, high margin property developments. Stamford's ownership of its prime hotel sites is not only a key advantage for its hotel businesses, but also presents future re-development potentialities for best use of its key locations.

Stamford's luxury hospitality business, Stamford Hotels & Resorts, is the only Australian home-grown operation, that has successfully developed into the largest owner-operator of luxury hotels in Australasia since its industry debut in 1995.

Our focused approach in luxury brand positioning has proved to be highly successful in Australia and New Zealand for both our hotel and property development businesses. The Stamford brand is synonymous with unparalleled locations, luxurious accommodation and top-notch services. Brand Finance, an independent, leading global brand valuation consultancy, has ranked Stamford among Singapore's top 100 brands.

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